NRE in the house

Looking good, feeling good.  We had to work to make it happen, but the Magyar NRE 750 was shoveled in to fit to its Seeley MKII frame.  A little-known factoid about these motors: The case mounting-bolt bosses are different widths and require appropriate shimming.  No two of them are exactly the same dimensions, so a lot of attention was put into the plates to get it all into the Seeley and keep it perfectly lined up.  This, and the ribbed oil galley under the timing cover was certain to foul the lower frame tube without careful placement.  Happy to report about .100" clearance without much ado.  The front plates are next.  Much, much, so ever so much more to come on this one. See all posts on this build by clicking here:  

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99% Done

Almost there.  The first bike ever put onto the track by us has been almost completely resurrected (with a few upgrades, tweaks, fabrication details, etc).  Today the primary cover mounting system was fabbed and the cover installed.  Tomorrow, maybe a chain, some safety wire, and a few dyno pulls.  We'll see. This is an Open GP/BEARS bike, through and through.  Expect to be seeing it on the track again this year.

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Springtime is for Seeleys

It's been hush hush, for no reason other than the details needed to be hammered out.  Now... consider them hammered.  Our long-time friend, mentor, techie, and fellow racer John Magyar put in the order for not one, but TWO complete Seeley-framed bikes, the likes of which haven't been seen.  Read on. On Tuesday, February 14th, a crate the size of an NYC studio apartment arrived at Spannerland, having made its way across the Atlantic from Minnovation Racing. The crate was actually smaller than some of our past deliveries, but inside was nothing but twice the fun. In this photo, actual likenesses of Mick and Martin from Minnovation Racing.  Silly boys. As the packing material was pulled away, the motorbike porn begins to shine through Voila!  Two NYC Norton-spec Minnovation Racing Seeley MK2 chassis are pulled from the crate.  Folks, rest assured you are looking at something you won't get [...]

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NYC Norton 001

Up on the bench for the last while has been a project very near to us - the first NYC Norton racer.  The bike started life as a mild-steel road-going Featherbed-framed ES2, and after several years of development and upgrades, became the 750cc beast that propelled Kenny to his first BEARS championship in 2007.  It was sold to finance the first Seeley.  The new owner commissioned us to build it back to its former glory, and then some.  Good to have it back, even temporarily.  It is still the benchmark on building up a competitive vintage racer using most of its components found on production street bikes. The bodywork is out for paint, and there are a few loose ends to tie up, but it's 90% home.  There will be a blog update with all the specs, mods and changes in the near future.

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(re) birth of a 750

When I received this 1970 750 Commando motor from its owner, Peter Billow, it was scattered about in milk crates and dog-eared boxes,  and showed signs of a tragic life, made ever-more evident as we worked off the 1/8" coating of grease.  Yep... it needed serious love.  Peter had a pointed vision and wanted something not excessive or over the top, but something more than stock.  Often, when I hear this, I find folks are looking for the single magic (and inexpensive) component that will immediately transform their bike into a fire-breathing dragon.  Not this time.  I worked with Peter though several discussions, mapping it all out. We chose to go with a racing cam with useable midrange (PW3, in this case) and all associated components that must accompany such a cam to achieve any benefit; making it flow, and setting the top end up so it could handle revving [...]

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First post of the new blog

If you've clicked around, you've seen this site is still a work-in-progress.  Over the next weeks much of the old site info will be uploaded here, organized within the blog section.  As well as very regular new posts of stuff that is going on in the shop.  For example - I know of two Seeley-framed bikes that are on the benches now: One, a F750 Racer based on a Nourish Racing 8-Valve motor, and the other,  a 1007cc Steve Maney Supercharged(!) Commando street fighter.  Stay tuned for more.

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