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Pack It Up | Seeley G50 Sets Sail

We've been tardy at posting one of the biggest announcements in our racing times... the invitation to compete in the Island Classic at Phillip Island, Australia, January 24-26, 2014.  The Australians have graciously extended their hand to a select few Americans, inviting them to compete in this huge event, and we are most flattered to have been included.  There are 2 groups of American racers heading over; a West Coast group headed up by Dave Crussel, and an East Coast group, arranged by Bob Coy (USCRA).  Our little sub-group - ... read more

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Moving on up… | the west side

For 6 years Kenny (and ultimately NYC Norton) worked out of about 400 square feet of space within a larger 4200 sq ft space lovingly known as Spannerland.  For those who don't know the back story, Spannerland, located in a corner of a massive industrial building just outside the Holland Tunnel, was created in 2006 as sort-of co-op shared by a group of NYC based racers who needed more space than they could each realistically afford in pricy Manhattan.  Spannerland treated everyone well - on any Sunday it could be ... read more

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Racing Update | Fall 2012

The 2012 season was winding down, but we had a sudden burst of greatness enter our lives with the new Seeley G50 arrival (click here for G50 details) so it was important to get some seat time on the bike before heading into Barber.  We packed up the G50 and Atlas and headed south to West Virginia - Summit Point, to be exact - where we would race with WERA for a day.  At 4.5 hours of driving, Summit Point is our closest track to NYC that offers vintage ... read more

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A G50 Premier | Works G50 Racers Now Available

After an outing on stunning Minnovation Racing Works Seeley G50 at Cadwell Park, a deal was struck for NYC Norton to provide complete Seeley G50 racing bikes here in the states. Minnovation and NYC Norton immediately began collaborating, building up the sister bike to the Minnovation Works G50 to showcase and campaign here in the US.   The bike was completed and track-ready by early September, 2012, in time for AHRMA/Barber festival, and a shakedown run at Summit Point beforehand.  Weighing in at under 240lbs it is an incredibly ... read more

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Racer 2004 | The Evolution of a Norton Racer: 2000 through 2004 - The Beginning

The Evolution of a Norton Racer: 2000 through 2004 - The Beginning The famous Featherbed frame.  The impetus. The rusty beast that started it all.  I always wanted a Featherbed special but wasn't sure what flavor.  About the time this frame surfaced I had just experienced my first vintage race.  I knew then I had to build a racer and start racing....but how?  The disease begins. This is a photo of my 1962 ES2 rolling chassis I bought in early 2000.  I contemplated putting all different kinds of engines ... read more

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1974 Norton 850 Commando | The very first NYC Norton page, from 1999

Photos of my 1974 Norton Commando MK IIA Roadster taken around New York City circa August 1999.           A couple of shots from that very hot summer afternoon. As you can see, I had a good photographer and a good model.  I get stopped on the street every time I take the bike out. I 've had people offer to buy the bike from me right on the spot. Usually, the first question I get is "What year is it?” to which I generally give the smart-ass reply, "Well, it's ... read more

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