Dinner of Champions

The 2011 Barber Vintage Festival was without question the biggest racing event I've ever taken part in.  Supported by Jamie Waters and Bellmouth Racing, our paddock played host to a group of Kiwis that made their way around the world with their pukka 500 Premier bikes, headed up by legendary tuner Ken McIntosh, who provided a very fast Manx Norton with the familiar #34 emblazoned on the side for world-champion Kevin Schwantz to lead the way.  Although it was a busy weekend for all, every once in a while I'd look up from what I was doing to have Kevin poking his head in, making comments, and being a good bloke.  I've been around a few celebs, and he was the best of the best; so generous and sincere.  We had some great chats, some good racing discussions, and best of all, we were able to spend a little quality [...]