When I received this 1970 750 Commando motor from its owner, Peter Billow, it was scattered about in milk crates and dog-eared boxes,  and showed signs of a tragic life, made ever-more evident as we worked off the 1/8″ coating of grease.  Yep… it needed serious love.  Peter had a pointed vision and wanted something not excessive or over the top, but something more than stock.  Often, when I hear this, I find folks are looking for the single magic (and inexpensive) component that will immediately transform their bike into a fire-breathing dragon.  Not this time.  I worked with Peter though several discussions, mapping it all out. We chose to go with a racing cam with useable midrange (PW3, in this case) and all associated components that must accompany such a cam to achieve any benefit; making it flow, and setting the top end up so it could handle revving up to the redline for extended periods without worry.  Now with a rebuilt crank, cylinders overbored with proper piston-to-wall clearance, head skimmed and ported down by the guides, while keeping the stock 28mm ports (it flows better with a higher port charge than a 32mm Combat).  A little dyno time is in store in the near future.  This is certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  (Rocker spindle covers on their way!)  More to come as we build up the rest of the bike.