Project Description

The NYC Norton Sunburst Seeley Commando street bike was voted one of the top 10 custom bikes in the world by BIKE EXIF Editor’s Choice in 2015:
The Sunburst has many more details than we can jot down here in a post, so a full write-up can be seen in our archival blog here:
NYC Norton Seeleys have won numerous championships and races the world over, but the Grand Prix chassis is a very rideable platform for custom street-bike specials. Our Seeley builds have been featured on TV and in print, displayed in museums and international design shows, and the centerpieces of some of the most exclusive motorcycle events around the world. These bikes are a highly technical, exclusive special, built around a replica of the famous Colin Seeley chassis, with subtle additions of modern componentry that make this exotic beauty as surprisingly tractable on the city streets as it is on the racing circuit. And, form following function, it is probably one of the most magnificent machines you’ll ever see.
Sunburst Beauty shots by Douglas MacRae

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