Project Description

NYC Norton specializes in, and loves to do, “stock” restorations. These rebuilds are a significant part of our daily business, with many beautiful bikes heading back to their owners looking spiffy and sporty, yet never getting the full portfolio treatment on our site. A stock Norton Commando is a beautiful bike, and that’s no accident – Norton knew what they were doing. Sometimes we need a bit of ginger to cleanse our palate and get back to basics.

This ’71 Commando came to us needing lots of love inside and out. Its owner set few parameters for its rebuild other than a simple request; return the bike aesthetically close to how it looked on the AMC factory floor, but make it run better than new. Yes indeed! Our kind of job.

What rolled off our lift is a very usable, rideable, comfortable, reliable British Classic Norton Commando Roadster 750cc, just as the Queen intended.
It is refreshing to see such a tidy, clean example of Norton’s classic Commando in its factory trim.

An abbreviated list of features for this bike:

  • Full NYC Norton Motor Build
  • Full NYC Norton Gearbox Rebuild
  • NYC Norton Sump Breather
  • NYC Norton Swingarm Spindle Mod
  • Amal Premier Carbs
  • Vernier Isolastics
  • Front brake new shoes arced and stiffening kit fit
  • Hagon shocks
  • Avon Tires
  • Later type sidestand and lug fit
  • Stainless fasteners fit where appropriate
  • LED Lighting and wiring simplified and optimized
  • Lucas turn signals fit (not standard equipment in ’71)
  • Frame, swingarm, and ancillaries powdercoated
  • New bodywork painted in ’71 motif

We love to do our fancy specials and race bikes, but traditional restorations/rebuilds are our bread-and-butter.
If you have a bike that needs a new life, please contact us on how we can get you back to the twisties in style and haste.

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