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Site Update | Just a little housekeeping

We love our website, but if no one (ahem!) can find time to update it every once in a while it starts to become tired. Today we updated the site to encompass the greater scope of what we do all day long, perhaps at the cost of some detail, but making it easier to keep current.  We'll see! But, as mentioned in our blog posts for some time now, if you're looking for real time updates click on over and "like" our NYC Norton Facebook and Instagram pages: www.facebook.... read more

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Our bikes are beautiful… | ...but our blog is sad

[caption id="attachment_3707" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] NYC Norton Commando S-Type[/caption] Every day we come into the shop and build beautiful bikes for folks all over the world.  But in these times we can run out of time to sit down and plonk down great stories of the bikes we're building or races we're off to. For updates click on over and like NYC Norton Facebook and Instagram pages: There you'll find more frequent postings of photos and commentary, small ... read more

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NYC Norton is Top 10! | BikeExif Editor's Picks of the Top 10 bikes of 2016

To say we are chuffed is the understatement of the year! The NYC Norton Sunburst Seeley Commando has made the top 10 on the BIKEEXIF editor's choice list of the best custom bikes for 2015. (See our post on the build of this beautiful machine here) We are in good company.  Our old friend Walt Siegl has made the list (for obvious reasons), Roland Sands, as well as several other luminaries who stand out in our world. We are very honored to be able to ... read more

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A Streetfighter For The World | The Sunburst Seeley Commando

As featured on the #1 custom bike website In early 2014 we got a call from an overseas number on the shop phone.  On the other end of the call was a pleasant voice with an unidentifiable accent who introduced himself as "Joe".  He was calling from his home in a small country nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  He had just purchased a pristine Norton Commando in the States and asked if we could add some performance and reliability mods to it before ... read more

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NYC Norton goes Sturgis! | "Perhaps the sexiest machine of the whole show, without even trying" -- Cycle World Magazine

NYC Norton got some amazing press from Paul d’Orleans, who summed up so nicely our bike at Michael Lichter’s “Naked Truth” show at Sturgis this year, in a piece he wrote for Cycle World Magazine: The story: One morning in July, a call came in from Michael Lichter, asking if we had a bike to put in his show at the Buffalo Chip at this year’s 75th-anniversary Sturgis rally. Michael’s Sturgis exhibitions are legendary, and I knew we’... read more

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Naked Speed | The Story of the School Bus Bike

One day in the spring of 2014 the shop phone rang.  On the other end of the line was Dave Austin, a British car collector from upstate New York.  He told a crazy story about finding a stash of cars deep in the back woods of someone's property, and after making a deal to purchase the lot was told the sale included a "rusty old motorcycle".  Turns out the bike was a 100% complete '71 Norton Commando.  Dave wanted NYC Norton to do the "resurrection" on this one.  The Cafe ... read more

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