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Simply the best Norton Fork Kit available today.  Whether you’re running a stock Norton with standard internals and looking for better fork action, or fitting a high-end Cosentino cartridge damping kit with fine-tuning features, the benefits of installing the Cosentino Fork Bushing kit will be immediately apparent to all Norton riders.  The modern Teflon-lined bushings create smoother travel and better reaction to damping and viscosity changes, and are a direct fit to all Norton forks with no modifications necessary.

  • Cosentino Fork Bushing Kit sold exclusively by NYC Norton
  • Modern Teflon-lined suspension bushing and low friction fork seal for Norton Forks
  • Technology used across the spectrum of modern motorcycles – from a CBR250 to V4 Panigale
  • Replacement Bushings and Seals available separately

In stock

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As new upgrades are developed for our beloved Nortons, some of the older shortcomings quickly rear their heads.  Several years ago Cosentino Engineering developed a very trick Norton fork cartridge internal damping kit, but the fine-tuning ability of this, or any damping upgrade, is masked if the bike’s forks have stiction. After working around this for too long, Cosentino has now developed a state-of-the-art Teflon-lined fork bushing kit, sold exclusively by NYC Norton, to fit all Norton forks.  Simply the best Norton Fork Kit available today – this kit is comprised of Teflon “DU” type impregnated bushings; the same technology used on almost every modern motorcycle sold today – from a CBR250 to a V4 Panigale – and adapts to all standard Norton fork setups with absolutely no modifications, replacing the the original metal-on-metal steel and bronze bushings, and virtually eliminating the stiction inherent in the original design of Norton Roadholder forks.

This kit fits any Norton fork, and is a no-brainer upgrade to your bike, whether you’re running stock Norton front forks and simply want more predictable fork travel, or fitting a high-end Cosentino cartridge damping kit and looking to take full advantage of the tuning capabilities these kits bring, the benefits of this bushing setup will be immediately apparent to any rider, resulting in smoother fork action and better reaction to oil viscosity and damping.  And by eliminating the metal-on-metal OEM setup, the fork oil will remain cleaner and less contaminated, greatly increasing the time between oil changes, and preventing metal particles and sludge from adversely affecting the sensitive shim-stack valving found in uprated fork cartridge kits.

The Cosentino Fork Bushing Kit is comprised of an upper bushing adaptor/seal holder beautifully machined from 2011-T3 aluminum with a Teflon-lined bushing and low friction fork seal housed within. The bottom bushing adaptor is machined of 4130 steel with a Teflon-lined bushing fit around the waist, and fit in place of the original lower steel Norton fork bushing using the OEM circlip.  The bushings are a perfect sliding fit on the fork tube and slider, and create smooth, predictable fork travel.  Once installed, this kit is is invisible using OEM fork dust boots (supplied).

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