Project Description

Our friend Rick McQuiston (affectionately referred to around the shop as McQ) came to us looking for a Commando. Having never owned a Norton before, his guidance was very modest; a good bike for a Norton newbie, not radically modified, and it had to be YELLOW! We leaped at the chance to build up a relatively stock Commando. Shortly after our initial discussions, the perfect donor came our way – a 1974 MK2 Commando that had been chopped, then crashed in 1975, and put away for almost 40 years. Although the previous owner had extended the forks and changed lighting and gauges, the motor, gearbox, and most frame components were pristine and original. Many fasteners had never had a wrench on them after leaving the factory. All in all, the bike had only done a couple of thousand miles before it center-punched a Ford Country Squire, forcing it into early retirement, so we were working our way into virgin material. Over the months taken during this build, McQ’s knowledge-base of Norton data grew, and in the end his wishes were to “modernize” the bike a bit, but nothing too far afield. The end result was, in our opinion, the perfect combination of an original Norton Commando Roadster with some subtle but key reliability mods and upgrades to make it a very rideable, useable everyday machine. And the yellow… we have to admit, it really looks really, really good!

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