Norton Commando, Seeley Norton, and Norton Special motorcycles, built to order

NYC Norton features complete restorations, upgrades, and custom builds of all Nortons, motor work, reliability modifications, and high-performance tuning. We specialize in Norton Commando rebuilds, the fabrication of complete Seeley-framed performance motorcycles, and bringing to life pedigree specials and customized motorcycles, built around a multitude of engine and chassis combinations.

We also build the finest and fastest racing bikes, crafted from specialty Grand Prix racing components, such as Titchmarsh replica Seeley Frames, and Matchless G50 500cc racing motors.

Every build that leaves the NYC Norton shop is entirely unique, custom-tailored to the rider’s requirements, ranging from a traditional restoration, with subtle mods for reliability, to a full-blown special, with performance components, custom fabrication and bodywork, paint, and exhaust.

Please contact us with any questions on how we can get you down the road on an NYC Norton custom motorbike
Our competition background gives us the edge on craftsmanship and the modifications necessary to keep our beloved Nortons running reliably and at their peak in all environments, whether they’re scratching on the Blue Ridge Parkway or tearing up the high banks of Daytona. These restorations have every nut and bolt removed, every fastener replated or replaced, every element assessed and recalibrated to develop the machine into a stunning and unique example of one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever to come off a production line.
NYC Norton Seeleys have won championships and races the world over, have been featured on TV and in print, displayed in museums and design shows, and headlined some of the most exclusive motorcycle events worldwide. The NYC Norton Seeley is a highly technical, unique special, built around a replica of the famous Colin Seeley chassis, with subtle additions of modern componentry that make this exotic beauty as surprisingly tractable on the city streets as it is on the racing circuit. And, form following function, it is probably one of the most magnificent machines you’ll ever see.
Our NYC Norton Specials are never an off-the-shelf type of operation. Our mission is to take a customer’s radical vision and turn it not only into a beautiful bike but also a highly functional and reliable machine. The fabrication and details on one-off specials are always the most meticulous, but also the most rewarding. We like dining with those who order off the menu!
Please contact us with any questions on how we can get you down the road on an NYC Norton custom motorbike



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