Complete Builds and Restorations
| Engine and Chassis Work

​NYC Norton builds and restores our beloved Nortons and their associated parts to the highest level. Specializing in Norton Commando, Atlas, and Dominator Twin restorations, as well as Manx and Matchless Singles in various chassis, we can do a custom build to your specification or rebuild and restore your existing components. NYC Norton customers, whether they’re street riders or racers, know that tuning and performance upgrades, while maintaining rideability and reliability, are our priority. Once the hard work is done, wrapping it up in a beautiful package makes it all that much better!We specialize in long-term projects, but also encourage smaller-scale rebuilds and modifications.

Some of what we do:

  • Complete Engine and Gearbox Rebuilds: Our shop is outfitted for complete engine rebuilding. Whether we’re freshening up a stock motor, or tuning a racing motor to the ragged edge, we can make your old motor look absolutely stunning and run better than the day it left the production line. You can count on us to build motors of all types, measure bores, calculate piston-to-wall, set deck heights and squish bands. We know what works for cruising coast-to-coast or for racing at Daytona. Gearboxes, too: often a gearbox rebuild is given low priority, but in fact the health of this component is one of the most important in the drive train, as a faulty gearbox can lock up and cause extensive damage to both bike AND rider. NYC Norton ​will install and shim the roller layshaft bearing​ and upgrade all bushings and bearings, etc.Please email with your rebuild needs for an estimate:

  • Commando Swingarm Spindle reinforcement: A lot of blame on ill-handing Commandos is focused on the Isolastics, when often the problem lies in the swingarm spindle wearing in its bores.  Our modification will pin the spindle against the bore, removing slop for good.  We can weld fittings to your existing swingarm for a permanent fix (requires repaint/powdercoat your components), or use clamping collars without marring your existing finish.  Send us your swingarm and engine cradle, and we return it with the modification in place.  $159.00
  • Gearbox Kickstart Shaft Seal Modification: Eliminate that leaky kickstart shaft.  Our modification inserts a lipped seal within your gearbox outer cover and virtually eliminates leaks.  Send us with your outer gearbox cover and we return it machined with your new seal intact, ready to fit.  $89.00
  • Tach Drive Seal Modification: Keep your right boot dry! Tach drive leaks are often hard to spot, causing oil to run over the side of the timing cover, or down the bottom end of the motor and appear like a leaky sump plug.  Our tach drive seal modification will virtually eliminate leaks in this area.  Send us your tach drive and we return it machined with the new seal intact, ready to fit.  $75.00


And more:

  • Complete or Partial Restorations
  • Complete engine rebuilding and restoration
  • Cylinder head stud helicoil and stud replacement
  • Crankshaft balancing/grinding
  • Piston-to-Cylinder clearance matching
  • Raise Compression and Squish Band machining
  • Complete Gearbox Overhauls
  • Isolastic Upgrades
  • Front-End Rebuilds/Modifications/Upgrades to Fork Internals: Installation of lightweight Roadholder components or Cosentino Fork Kits
  • Wheel Building
  • Custom Machining

Every job is different and that’s what keeps it interesting.  Please call or email to discuss your project