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StealthFighter | More on the ressurrection of a 750 Commando

Brushed and flat: When a project gets moving, sometimes it takes a while for it to show its character.  When we built up the motor for this bike, it was built around a good cam, porting, carbs, etc.  It was a race motor alone on the bench.  As we started to build up the bike around it, the function started steering the form. With the PW3 cam and the ported head it was clear a good exhaust would be necessary.  During a shop visit one day, owner Peter Billow looked ... read more

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(re) birth of a 750 | streetfighter to be

When I received this 1970 750 Commando motor from its owner, Peter Billow, it was scattered about in milk crates and dog-eared boxes,  and showed signs of a tragic life, made ever-more evident as we worked off the 1/8" coating of grease.  Yep... it needed serious love.  Peter had a pointed vision and wanted something not excessive or over the top, but something more than stock.  Often, when I hear this, I find folks are looking for the single magic (and inexpensive) component that will immediately transform their bike ... read more

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Racer 2004 | The Evolution of a Norton Racer: 2000 through 2004 - The Beginning

The Evolution of a Norton Racer: 2000 through 2004 - The Beginning The famous Featherbed frame.  The impetus. The rusty beast that started it all.  I always wanted a Featherbed special but wasn't sure what flavor.  About the time this frame surfaced I had just experienced my first vintage race.  I knew then I had to build a racer and start racing....but how?  The disease begins. This is a photo of my 1962 ES2 rolling chassis I bought in early 2000.  I contemplated putting all different kinds of engines ... read more

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