Video Kills The Radio Star | Longsight Films documents NYC Norton Quite often we get requests from photographers, filmmakers, etc, to come to our shop and shoot.  The space is quite beautiful and there are many stories within.  Our friend (and Triton and Commando owner), Chuka Umunna, badgered us for quite some time, asking if he could come in and document what we do.  I will say quite honestly I wasn't too eager to have NYC Norton be the subject of yet another film made about the "biker's ethic", which is so au courant and overly-done these ... read more

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We are working like madmen! | More updates to come soon

Several folks have emailed or called wondering why we've been so quiet... why the blog hasn't been updated.  The simple fact is, we're busy!  We've had an immense amount of orders for bikes over the past months, and our racing schedule is the busiest it's ever been.   So far this year NYC Norton has been to every event on the AHRMA 2014 national schedule, with only Barber and Daytona remaining (which we will be at in a very big way).   Please stand by... full race reports are coming...   ... as ... read more

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Phillip Island 2014 | The Island Classic, and more

On Thursday, January 16, 2014, former TT Racer and tuner of some of the fastest classic bikes Maurice Candy, Dave Roper, and I, met in Terminal 4 at JFK to begin our long journey to Phillip Island, Australia, to take part in the 21st annual Island Classic.  The Australian Motorcycle News (AMCN) had invited a group of Yanks to participate, providing transportation via two 40' containers full of bikes departing from both the West and East Coast of the USA. As seen in a previous post, I loaded up my ... read more

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Pack It Up | Seeley G50 Sets Sail

We've been tardy at posting one of the biggest announcements in our racing times... the invitation to compete in the Island Classic at Phillip Island, Australia, January 24-26, 2014.  The Australians have graciously extended their hand to a select few Americans, inviting them to compete in this huge event, and we are most flattered to have been included.  There are 2 groups of American racers heading over; a West Coast group headed up by Dave Crussel, and an East Coast group, arranged by Bob Coy (USCRA).  Our little sub-group - ... read more

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Racing Update | Midwest Madness, 2013

For many years, we've been carrying our racing bikes to the track in a small but very efficient 1999 T4 Volkswagen Eurovan.  It served us well and was absorbed into the NYC Norton business as a lithe big-city bike hauler.  But the transmissions in these vans are notoriously fragile, and the need to carry more bikes and sometimes tow a trailer was upon us.  After much laboring, bean-counting, talking to car dealers, accountants, and shrinks, the business took the plunge and we bought a new Sprinter to carry bikes  - ... read more

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Racing Update | California Dreaming

The 2013 racing season got off to a later start than usual, due mainly to work commitments that took precedence over the first two AHRMA rounds happening at New Orleans and Talladega in early Spring.  So, when the opportunity arose to ride my old friend Ron Halem's Goldstar out in Sonoma in May, I jumped at the chance.  I'd never been to Sonoma and it seemed like a long way to go for a single race weekend, but the chance to race at such a place up in beautiful Northern ... read more

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